Long Wood has been trailing a coppice management scheme over the last 12 months. Proving to be a great success, we are pleased to be able to extend this scheme. Community groups and individuals are invited to enter into a management agreement on 0.3h coppice coups within Long Wood. Coups are limited so please contact us for availability and details and availability.


Long Wood is able to supply fence posts and sawn timber sourced from our own woodlands. In order to manage the woodlands in a sustainable manner we have limited stock of sawn timber each year. We are able to supply sawn timber from Douglas fir, Larch, Spruce, Red Oak and Beech. We can also supply greenwood for the craft market: hazel, oak, sweet chestnut and more.

Please contact us for prices and other enquiries.


Our ongoing management of the woodland allows us to offer locally and sustainably sourced firewood at competitive prices.

Currently we have very limited supplies of green and seasoned firewood available for collection only. In the future we will be offering  firewood as hardwoods, softwoods and mixed loads all either seasoned or unseasoned. Other firewood options are available so please contact us with your enquiry. Firewood is available as a limited annual supply so please order early to avoid disappointment. An online ordering system will be available in the future.